Build your own cake

Here’s your opportunity to combine your favorite cake flavor with a filling and frosting of your choice.

Build your own cake

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Flavors for our delicious "build-your-own" option

Cake options

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Chocolate • Vanilla • Red Velvet • Orange • Banana • Pumpkin • Lemon


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Cream Cheese • Vanilla • Chocolate • Orange • Strawberry • Lemon • Peanut Butter • Espresso


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Lemon Curd • Raspberry • Strawberry • Bavarian Cream • Chocolate Ganache • Pineapple Apricot • Caramel


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German Chocolate: This delicate milk chocolate cake has coconut pecan filling throughout and on top with a chocolate buttercream wrap

Lemon Coconut: Slow cooked lemon curd and coconut filled vanilla cake smothered in Italian meringue and topped with toasted coconut.

Carrot: Packed with carrots & pecans with cream cheese buttercream.

Marble: Chocolate and vanilla cake artfully swirled together, finished with your choice of buttercream

The King's Favorite: Banana cake with peanut butter frosting crowned in a rich, dark chocolate ganache.

Spicy Aztec: Chocolate cake infused with cinnamon, cayenne and ginger with chocolate buttercream and garnished with dried chili peppers

Tacoma Tiramisu: Rum and espresso soaked vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting filled with swirled vanilla custard and chocolate ganache

Lavender Honey: Fragrant dried lavender in vanilla cake covered in lemon-honey buttercream and sprinkled with lavender

Real Pink Champagne Cake: A soft pink, effervescent champagne cake, finished with vanilla buttercream

"I just picked up my son birthday/smash cake and I love it! Now i have a place to order a gluten/soy free cake which my son is allergic too! And soy is pretty much in almost everything! Thank you Corina bakery!"

~ Local Google Review

White Wedding Cake with Flowers

Novelty & Wedding Cakes

Plan your next special occasion with Corina & taste the difference. We offer custom desserts for every occasion, specializing in wedding cakes, groom’s cakes and novelty takes. We also offer breakfast items, specialty desserts and custom cookies for special events or meetings.

*Cake Tasting $25
Cheesecake Tasting $25
Pie tasting $25

Choose 3 flavors and have a personalized, one-on-one consultation to discuss design. Consultations are by appointment only, so call 253.627.5070 to schedule one.

NOTE: Dates subject to calendar availability. For more information, check out our consultation FAQ or schedule a tasting.

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